5 Reasons to Vacation in Arizona

5 Reasons to Vacation in Arizona

Arizona is one of the states that may actually be better to vacation in than most. It has an awesome blend of cultural festivities and natural wonders. It makes visiting the state an awful lot of fun, and there’s plenty to get out and see in this state.

The Grand Canyon
Come now. If we’re mentioning Arizona vacation spots, we have to mention the Canyon. It’s practically a state law.

Route 66
The ultimate road trip! You wouldn’t just be staying in Arizona for this trip – it’d take you through eight separate states, actually, and you’d be taking in a little culture from everywhere from Chicago to LA. That said, this is a great option for you if you like travel. And if you wanted to detour to Phoenix, you’d be welcome.

The Sonoran Desert
You can actually bike across this magnificent desert. You get to see great sunrises and sunsets, and you get to embrace a real challenge.

Guest Ranches
If you really want to get out of town, it’s harder to go farther than to go to a guest ranch. This will let you see what living used to be like back on the frontier, and give you a chance to ride horses.

This is a chance to visit the Grand Canyon and to see the Havasupai Falls, a truly spectacular view out in the desert.

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