Leaky Pipes

Leaky Pipes

Here’s another little known fact: leaky pipes are the worst.

Leaky pipes are bad because they wreak all kinds of havoc on what is supposed to be something normal, something routine.

Think about all the different things you use water for. If you have trouble with it, here are a few for you to ruminate on: you use it for cooking, for cleaning dishes afterward, for drinking with food, for showering, for washing clothes, for using the bathroom. All of those tasks – simple, basic things – all require water to get done.

The water, of course, has to get there somehow. And that often means a pipe system of some kind. And we often take for granted the marvel of this, that the water can fight gravity and end up where we need it to be, carrying away the filth that we need it to carry without any real trouble to show for itself.

Of course, that all changes if a crack develops in the pipes.

The reason pipe systems work is because they contain water under pressure. That pressure can only go to the places that open in the pipes. That’s basic plumbing. When you open a faucet, it releases the pressure in the direction of that faucet, to the degree that you open it up.

Having a crack in your pipe gives the pipe system an extra opening that you weren’t looking for. And it carries the water – and everything it was carrying – out with it. It ends up somewhere you don’t want.

If you suspect this, let us know. We’ll get someone to take a look for you.

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