What to Do in Case of Complaint

What to Do in Case of Complaint

We want you to know first that if you have a complaint, we’re glad you feel that you can bring it to us.

GoRenter can’t improve as a company unless those complaints come our way, and we need a way to hear them. Hence, we have this site here.

What we have is a form for you to fill out that lets you list out your grievances with us as a service. We’re obviously not going to respond to ad hominem attacks, to insults and to flames. But what we can do is read the honest comments and see what’s led to the complaints.

Will something necessarily come out of it? It’ll depend. Maybe we can fix it and maybe we can’t. But as it stands, you have an absolute zero percent chance of having your grievances heard if you keep them to yourself. We’ll take the chance if we can to help you get out of it, if you fill out and let us know what we can do.

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